Core Values

In the realisation of the fundamental statements, Tharaka University College shall be guided by the following core values.
(1)  Customer Value and Focus: Enhancing customer satisfaction levels by providing products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations.
(2)  Diversity and Social Fairness: Appreciation of varied cultures and commitment to ensure balanced distribution of resources and opportunities while instituting affirmative action to cater for marginalised sections of the society.
(3)  Environmental Consciousness: Considering the impact of all activities and programmes to be implemented and taking measures that ensure zero tolerance to environmental damage.
(4)  Fidelity to the Law: Dutiful adherence to the Constitution and other legal, statutory and regulatory requirements.
(5)  Innovation: Creativity in undertaking programmes and activities earmarked to contribute novel, effective and efficient ways of advancing humanity.
(6)  Integrity: Upholding honesty, transparency, accountability and strong moral principles and values in all decisions and actions taken.
(7)  Passion for Excellence: Being outstanding in all services, activities and programmes undertaken by the University.
(8)  Peaceful Co-Existence: Living harmoniously with neighbours and the environment and promoting the ideals of cohesion, integration and unity.
(9)  Professionalism and Confidentiality: Professionalism is the skill, good judgment and polite behaviour exhibited by an expert when discharging responsibilities and delivering services, while confidentiality means commitment to not disclose classified information to unauthorized parties.
(10)   Prudent Utilisation of Resources: Utilising resources without wastage and misappropriation by ensuring maximum value and complying with various planned arrangements, internal controls and government regulations.
(11)   Teamwork: Adopting a participatory and inclusive approach in undertaking operations and functions of the University.
(12)   Timeliness and Devotion to Duty: Timeliness refers to being time-conscious in undertaking activities, assignments and programmes, while devotion to duty is selfless commitment to undertake activities, assignments and programmes for the good and advancement of humanity.

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