Historical Background

Welcome to Tharaka University College. A constituent of Chuka University

On  12th of June 2015, the elders and Professionals of the Greater Meru Region requested the President to assist in establishing a University in Tharaka. The University was for giving the people within the marginalized Tharaka region and Kenya at large access to quality and affordable education. In response to the request of the Elders and Professionals, the President directed Chuka University and the Ministry of Education to work closely in establishing a University Campus College that would be elevated to the status of a university within two years. The process of fulfilling the Presidential directive started immediately. Tharaka University Education stake holders visited Chuka University and requested the Management to establish a University in Tharaka. The establishment of the University Campus was approved by the University Senate and Council and the community also approved the transfer of land to the University College

The   community and friends held a fundraising to get the resources to set up infrastructure for the proposed. The Campus was inspected by the Commission for University Education (CUE) on 22nd March 2017 and accredited. Thereafter, the Campus was upgraded to Tharaka University College through Legal Gazette notice No. 146 of 27th July, 2017.

The University is located in semi-arid, rocky area and will specialize in dry-land farming and mineralogy, among other courses. The research emanating from the College is likely to contribute to improved methods of farming, and this is crucial given the dwindling rainfall. The Mining courses will lead to more exploration within the County and beyond, and will complement the national government efforts to find more resources to enhance the wealth of the County.

Tharaka University College history timeline
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