Message From the Principal
Welcome to Tharaka University College a Constituent College of Chuka University

Thank you for being interested in knowing about Tharaka University College. Tharaka University College was established as a Constituent College of Chuka University on 27th July, 2017, through Legal Notice No. 146. The main objective of its establishment was to enhance access to quality and affordable university education to the people of the region and beyond, with the aim of training skilled manpower required for regional and national development. The vision of the University College is to be an adaptive centre of excellence in teaching, research, innovation and outreach for societal transformation.
Tharaka University College is situated in Tharaka Nithi County, Tharaka South Sub-County. It is located in a semi-arid, and mineral rich area providing an ideal environment for development and implementation of programmes in dry land farming and mineralogy, as the University grows.
The University is offering courses in Business, Computer Science, Education, Arts and Humanities, Languages, and Hospitality and Tourism Management. The University plans to develop infrastructure in order to launch courses in mineralogy and dry land farming.  Join Tharaka University College for quality and affordable education education.

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