Tips for the Second Revision of Course Choices (2019/2020)

  • Date & Time:
    • March 12 - July 12, 2016

1. Course Basket

Adding courses into the Course Basket does not mean you have applied for them. To complete your application, you must go to the “Apply Now” tab under the menu “Application/Registration” and submit your choices.

2. Payment

If you paid the application processing fee during the first revision, you should not pay for the second revision. Instead, use the MPESA transaction code from the first revision process.

Only candidates applying for the first time need to pay. Payment guidelines are in the portal, so they should not make any payment before login in to the portal and starting the application process.

3. Who needs to revise?

Candidates whose index numbers are listed on the Placement Service website are required to revise their choices again.

If you have never applied at all or you missed the first revision, submit your application during the second revision.

If you have been provisionally placed, the second revision is not meant for you. To check if you have already secured one of your choices, log in to the KUCCPS Student’s Portal.

4. I have been provisionally placed to one of my First Revision choices. What’s next?

You will be informed of the exact course and institution at the end of the placement processby May.


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